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First platform to offer non-biased analysis for loan estimates. Providing thousands of clients a second set of eyes to ensure they are in good hands.

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Lestimator was created to address a major issue in the mortgage industry. Many new and existing homeowners lack the knowledge on how to properly read a loan estimate, which in turn leads to homeowners and homebuyers to pay extra fees and receive a higher rate than the market average. Here at Lestimator, our goal is to educate shoppers by providing clients a non-biased analysis of their quoted loan estimate to ensure they are in good hands.


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Step 1

Click the get started button to begin the process.

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Step 2

Upload your loan estimate or quote and provide basic details.

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Our team of licensed professionals will analyze and compare your loan estimate across hundreds of lenders.

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Step 4

An analysis of your loan estimate will be sent to you within 24 hours.


Let us do the hard part, get our non-biased analysis.

If you do not have a loan estimate please ask your lender for one. If they refuse to provide you a loan estimate, chances are they are hiding something from you.
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Live analysis of your loan estimate or quote by a licensed professional
Receive an analysis within 24 hours
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